Why Does Your Air Conditioner Cut On And Off Frequently?

If your system keeps turning on and off rapidly, it is a sign that something is seriously wrong with your air conditioning unit. We refer to this phenomenon as short-cycling, which is a symptom of a combination of issues. Let’s start with a brief explanation of short cycling.

The short cycle of an air conditioner means that it turns on and off repeatedly without ever completing a full cooling cycle. Your air conditioner will turn off before time, restart a short while later, then shut off again.

Your AC is locked into its starting cycle when this occurs. Not only does this waste a lot of energy, but it also puts the components of your AC under unnecessary stress. If this starts happening in your home, you need to immediately schedule your central air conditioning repair.

Why your air conditioner keeps cutting on and off frequently:

1. Thermostat Issues

You may have a thermostat issue causing the short cycling, so check your thermostat when your AC system is short cycling. It might seem like a small component, but your thermostat controls the temperature in your entire house, so it must work properly.

Due to inaccurate temperature measurement and miscommunication, the thermostat will cause the air conditioning system to continuously start and stop. In case your thermostat display is blank or faded, it could be that your batteries are low and your thermostat is losing power intermittently. When your thermostat loses battery power, your AC system will turn on and off.

Replacement of the batteries and restarting the thermostat may solve the problem. If neither of these solutions works, you should have your thermostat diagnosed by a professional.

2. Bad Thermostat Placement

Your air conditioner is controlled by your thermostat, which measures the temperature of the air surrounding it. If your thermostat is placed in any of the following locations, it may show erroneous readings:

  • Near a window and under direct sunshine.
  • Near a room that is consistently hotter than the rest of the home, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.
  • Direct airflow is received underneath supply air vents.

Any of these circumstances might cause your thermostat to give you misleading, erroneous readings, leading you to believe your home is hotter or colder than it is. Relocate your thermostat to a more convenient, central place.

3. Contaminated Condenser Coils

It is conceivable that your exterior air conditioner’s condenser coils are caked in filth and debris if you haven’t conducted AC maintenance in a few years. The heat from inside your home is released by the condenser coils, which are placed within the outside AC unit. Your AC system may overheat and shut down regularly if they are blocked by too much dirt and filth.

Clean your condenser coils or hire a local HVAC professional for AC installation in Port Charlotte to maintain your air conditioner regularly.

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