Water Chilled Units In Port Charlotte, FL

Water Chilled Units In Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Desoto, FL, and Surrounding Areas

If you need to cool a large space, then your air conditioning system will consume large amounts of energy to get the job done. You want to get efficient equipment to minimize this consumption and lower your bills. Consider installing water chilled units to achieve these goals. These are cooling systems that use water instead of air to reduce the temperature inside a building. Emery Air Conditioning can assist in the selection and installation of the system.

How Water Chilled Units Work

Water acts as the secondary refrigerant. It circulates around the building thanks to a pump. The chiller is located outside where it acts as the active coolant. Water can drop to single-digit temperatures in degree Celsius after going through this element. The liquid is then pumped through a network of pipes across the structure. It will absorb the heat from each room as it passes by. Air handlers hasten the process.

Water Chiller

By the time the water gets back to the chiller, it will be several degrees higher. As long as it hasn’t reached a preset level, it can still be re-circulated around the building again. Once it gets too hot, the chiller will automatically get reactivated to lower its temperature. Water is easier to cool than air. It is non-toxic, cheap, and widely available making it the perfect refrigerant in this setup.

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