Warning Signs That Call For an AC Tune-Up

The AC tune-up belongs to a group of AC services that all Port Charlotte air conditioning companies offer homeowners. This specific service mainly deals with maintaining the efficiency of the AC unit by carrying out a series of tasks. These tasks can range from cleaning to minor fixes which will significantly prolong the life of the AC in general.

However, the big question that most individuals have is: When should an AC tune-up take place? To answer this question, it is important to pay attention to a series of warning signs. If one notices one or more of these signs in their units, it is time to schedule an AC tune-up. They include:

  1. Inability to control humidity
    Humidity is a common problem that people face during the summer. ACS tend to make this otherwise uncomfortable time more bearable as they can maintain the humidity of the room at a particular level. However, if one notices that despite the AC running, the humidity in the room gets increasingly worse, it is a direct sign that the AC may require air conditioning repair in Port Charlotte or a tune-up. If the tune-up takes place, the coils of the AC will work better after having received more refrigerant.
  2. Reduced air output
    If a unit is unable to release the desired amount of air into a room, it is more than just a sign of decreasing efficiency. The reason for this decreased output can range from air filters to leaks present in air ducts as well. Dirty air filters especially can obstruct the unit from releasing cool air at its full capacity. Therefore, a tune-up provided by most Port Charlotte air conditioning companies will involve replacing the air filter.
  3. Frequent switching on/off
    The unit may also inexplicably switch on or off more frequently than it should. This may be due to problems with the thermostat which makes the unit automatically turn off. Some technicians may also point out that the size of the unit is too small for the room. Therefore, the unit will have to work harder to compensate for the larger size of the room.
  4. Uneven cooling
    The AC may also not be able to distribute the cool air across several rooms of a house evenly. This can also be due to unclean air filters or even non-functional coils. This problem can be indicative of a larger issue as well that may not be fixed even after hiring air conditioning repair in Port Charlotte. However, a great way to prevent this from taking place prematurely is to conduct regular tune-ups.
  5. Leaking Units
    If there is any moisture around the unit, it is a sign that the AC requires a tune-up and possibly even repairs. The moisture which can sometimes accumulate and drip off of the unit as water droplets can cause the unit to develop mold resulting in inferior air quality.

For these reasons, AC tune-ups play an integral role in maintaining the condition of the AC. To ensure that the AC is receiving a complete tune-up, one can opt for the capable services of Emery air conditioning. Book a tune-up today by calling (941)-629-7733.

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