Straight Cool Heat Pump In Port Charlotte, FL

Straight Cool Heat Pump In Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Desoto, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Florida gets a lot of sun throughout the year so most homes are equipped with air conditioners for cooling. It’s what people depend on to stay comfortable when it gets warm, especially in the middle of the day. However, there are months when things get a bit chilly in the region. Locals who are unaccustomed to the cold need heaters to keep warm during this period. There are two systems which can be used to provide both cooling and heating. The following is a straight cool heat pump comparison:

Straight Cool Systems

These are generally preferred when there is little need for heating. These units are optimized for cooling which they do at an impressive efficiency rating. However, heating is another matter. They can be used in heat mode but the result is not as good. The heat strips found in them consume a large amount of energy to get the job done. It could be up to four times more than what’s consumed during cooling mode.

Heat Pump Systems

These are machines that are equally adept at cooling and heating. They are certainly better at the latter compared to their straight cool counterparts. The increased efficiency makes them suitable for longer hours of use during the coldest months of the year. Those who like to keep themselves warm when the temperature drops can do so without restraint with heat pumps. The savings in operational expenses will be enormous.

Straight Cool Heat Pump Selection

Think about your personal usage patterns as well as those of the people living in the same house. If you don’t really need heating often, then go for the straight cool models. If you are the type who feels chilly at the slightest breeze, then a heat pump is probably more suitable. Whichever system you choose, Emery Air Conditioning can help you in the installation, maintenance and repair of the unit.

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