Straight Cool Electric Heat In Port Charlotte, FL

Straight Cool Electric Heat In Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Desoto, FL, and Surrounding Areas

The straight cool electric heat system is recommended for households that have minimal heating requirements all year round. This is because it is more efficient compared to other options. It costs less than close substitutes and has the capability to efficiently cool the interior of a home. Furthermore, straight cool systems have higher SEER ratings and FPL rebates.

Remove Hot Air From Inside

A straight cool system, sometimes called a standard or cooling system, utilizes the circular flow of refrigerant to move heat from the home’s interior to the outside. This leaves the air inside the home cool and comfortable during hot weather.

Longer System Lifespan and Lower Costs

During winter, the straight cool unit only uses its heat strips and handler to heat the home without the need to turn on the outside condenser. This essentially means that it only powers the inside unit without the need to power the outside unit as well. This conserves electric energy otherwise used by the outside unit to keep the home’s interior warm. The system also has a longer life span because of its increased efficiency.

Personalized Cooling System

As a Florida resident, you will appreciate the straight cool system because temperatures remain fairly warm all year round. A system fitted with electric heat strips is a suitable option to install in your home. At Emery Air Conditioning, your comfort is our utmost priority. We will provide a suitable system based on your specifications and personal references.

Licensed HVAC Contractor

Emery Air Conditioning has operated in the state of Florida for more than 20 years. As a licensed HVAC contractor in Florida, we provide top-range services to residents of Port Charlotte, FL, including Manatee, Lee Counties, Charlotte, Desoto, and Sarasota. We provide free replacement and second option estimates. We also offer financing for replacements.

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