Wireless, Wi-Fi & Remote Control Technology

Wireless/WIFI/remote control technology has become a prominent feature in today’s increasingly digital world. It eliminates the need for cabling, which often leads to clutter. Wireless capabilities are highly sought-after in many domestic and commercial applications. From industrial automation functions and consumer electronics to military applications, it has never been easier to control and monitor devices wirelessly.

Remote Control Heating and AC

Rapid technological developments have led to the introduction of various wireless protocols and technologies. Some options are designed to serve exclusive applications while others have general uses. The majority of these protocols and technologies adhere to predetermined standards. They can be implemented in either complete drop-in modules or low-cost IC form.

Key Benefits of Wireless/WIFI/Remote Control Technology

The technology brings a number of advantages, including convenience, remote control capabilities and flexibility. Many wireless standards provide long-range connectivity of up to 5 miles. They allow users to avoid complicated legal issues pertaining to traversing private properties with hard lines. Moreover, the remote control and switching functions are highly reliable, which translates to operational efficiency for businesses. They also lower costs associated with these functions by eliminating the need for costly installation and maintenance of cables.

Control Your Indoor Air Quality

Wi-Fi is one of the most popular wireless technologies; it enjoys use in a comprehensive range of domestic and commercial applications. It is defined by the IEEE 802.11 standards. Wi-Fi works on wireless routers, laptops, television sets, smartphone devices, in vehicles and more. Now, you can use it to control all aspects of your indoor air quality! Whether it’s too warm or too chilly, rest assured that you change the temperature without ever having to leave your TV chair. Also, if you’re out and about and realize you left the AC on too low and don’t want to run up your bill, now you can use your phone to choose your the perfect temperature to save you money.

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