Indoor air quality can be just as bad as outdoor air, if not more. The result is an environment in which people can get sick quite easily. Small children are especially prone because of their underdeveloped immune systems. You might notice them coughing a lot and feeling lethargic. It’s time to do something about it. Start with the little things that you can do by yourself and call in the experts for the more complicated matters.

Change Air Filters Regularly

This is the easiest part of the process. Air filters control the source by trapping unwanted particles at the entrance. However, these filters can get overwhelmed as well. The surface may be covered in dirt after a few months making it hard for air to pass through. Make sure to replace them with new ones as often as recommended in the manual.

Clean the Ducts When Needed

The EPA does not recommend periodic cleaning but they do see the possible value in cleaning the ducts when they clearly look dirty. This can be difficult to do given the length of the ducts. There are many hard-to-reach areas. Professional assistance is often required in these cases. Ask an HVAC contractor to clean things up using their special tools and equipment. They should be able to do things faster and more effectively than any homeowner can.

Install Air Sanitizers

The indoor air quality may also be improved through the installation of sanitizers like a UV air cleaner. These can be placed at a strategic area in the system where air passes through. Ultraviolet light can kill microorganisms instantly. The harmful content will be disabled as air goes through the spot. These can last for a long while and the bulb may be replaced in a snap if necessary.

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