Emery’s Workmanship Guarantee Warranty

We take pride in our work and guarantee it for 1 year after new unit installation & 30 days after any repair

Manufacturer’s Limited Parts Warranty

This warranty comes with your new AC system install by the manufacturer of your unit. Reading your individual manufacturer’s warranty will provide you with specifics on what is and is not covered as far as “limited” or “working” parts. Oftentimes there are fees associated with warranty work such as handling/shipping/freight fees as well as processing fees that are not covered by warranties: check your manufacturer’s documents for clarity.

Extended Labor Warranty

Purchasing an extended labor warranty (ELW) when you buy your new AC system is a very smart investment and can alleviate many labor hour costs in the future if and when repairs are ever needed. When you are inquiring about a new system, ask your salesperson about this feature. Although it may seem steep at the offset, you are sure to save significantly in the end.

Repairs must be made by companies or “Dealers” of your specific unit in order to fall under the ELW. Emery is a dealer of several unit models. Call to verify with the office staff if you have any questions.

Diagnostic service charges or regular maintenance services are not covered under the Labor Warranty. Call the Emery office for help in determining your individual coverage for your ELW.