Propane-to-Electric Conversion Services In Port Charlotte, FL

Propane-to-Electric Conversion Services In Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Desoto, FL, and Surrounding Areas

If you are becoming more conscious about your carbon footprint on the environment or if you are simply tired of spending a lot of money to heat your home with propane during our short winters, consider having the experts at Emery Air Conditioning perform a propane-to-electric conversion to heat your home this winter.

Advanced Electric Heating Technology

For years, electric heating has gotten a bad rap as an inefficient means of warming a home during the colder months of the year. Advances in technology, however, no longer make that the case. In addition, the climate in Southwestern Florida makes heating your home with electricity a viable alternative as we don’t suffer extreme winter temperatures that make electric heating less efficient.

Convert From Propane to Electric

Electric heating is appropriate for many different types of Florida residences, including mobile homes. If converting from propane to an electric furnace is your choice, we have experienced technicians who can install the required electrical panels and other components necessary to get an electric furnace up and running.

Installing a Heat Pump

These days, however, performing a propane-to-electric conversion more often means installing a heat pump in your home. Electric heat pumps work by pulling heat from outside air into your home. The beauty of heat pumps is they reverse air flow in the summer by pumping hot air out of your home during warmer months. There’s no need for separate heating and air conditioning units.

Energy Efficiency

Electric heat pumps also are manufactured to work with ducted or ductless systems, providing you with endless possibilities. Best of all, there is no propane or other fossil fuel to buy to fill your fuel tank prior to winter. For the ultimate in energy efficiency, you can even connect your electric heat pump to a solar array to save even more money.

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