Annual Service Maintenance Contracts are available to every Emery customer! Your contract covers as many AC units at your home, business, or rental property as you would like it to encompass. With each additional unit, your price will vary but our services provided to you will not. Your maintenance contract will commence on the date you sign up with Emery and renews yearly.

With your Maintenance Contract you will receive:

  • Two (2) Bi-Annual Maintenances (we encourage our customers to have a full system inspection* every 6 months to keep each system in tip-top performance)
  • 15% off All Parts, Services & Labor Fees for any service or repair that occurs within the contract dates
  • Priority Scheduling

System inspections include checking all motors, circuits, and other components of your unit, filter change, algaecide tablets & drain clearing: (if we spot something that needs immediate attention we will inform you about it so we can address it and not put your system or home at risk).