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Ice Machines

Ice machines provide a convenient way to generate ice on a medium or large scale. This type of equipment comes in a wide variety of sizes to suit diverse applications. The ice dispensed by the machines can be cubed, flaked or in nugget form. Icemakers feature various types of compressors: remote cooled, water cooled or air cooled compressors. The ice generator incorporates an evaporator, throttle valve, condenser and drives or subframes, which control various processes.

The compressor is responsible for delivering high-pressure refrigerant vapor to the condenser after compressing it from low-pressure vapor. Once the vapor reaches the condenser, it is condensed into a liquid. The machine then drains the liquid through a throttle valve. As a result, the liquid reverts to its original low-pressure state. The ice is generated once the liquid undergoes heat exchange in the evaporator.

How the machines work

From portable ice machines and built-in variants to industrial icemakers, there is no shortage of ice generating options. A sea water flake ice machine is designed to produce ice using sea water. The equipment enjoys widespread use in the cooling of a extensive array of marine products, including fish. The machines inhibit the growth of bacteria by keeping the temperature of cleaning water and marine products low. In turn, this ensures that the seafood stays fresh.

Portable icemakers are a more compact variant that can fit on a countertop. They typically generate bullet-shaped ice with an opaque appearance. On the other hand, industrial icemakers produce ice by flashing water through a high-nickel content evaporator. The cycle removes up to 98 percent of undissolved solids and air to produce pure, clear ice. Commercial ice generators can make crushed, tube, octagon, crushed, cube-shaped ice depending on configuration. The shapes are formed when thick sheets of ice are deposited onto a grid of wires. At this point, the sheet’s weight allows the ice to break into desired shapes before moving towards the storage bin.

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