How Do You Decide Whether To Replace Or Repair Your AC?

During summertime, it is hard to imagine life without an air conditioner. Not only does it supply cool air, but it protects us by filtering dust and other airborne particles. Having said that, all HVAC units succumb to breakage; air conditioners have no possibility of running away from it.

When you come across such a situation, the first thought that might occur to you is if you want to opt for repair service or replacement.

Whether your air conditioner is an old model or the latest one, you must inform a professional to arrange an Air conditioning repair service in Port Charlotte, FL.

Your cooling system gives you several warning signs before it breaks down completely:

  • A rise in humidity level.
  • Water leaking from the coolant.
  • Strong vibration and loud noise.
  • If you notice countless breakdowns of your system.
  • Uneven distribution of cool air in the house.
  • Rusty and burnt smell.
  • A significant change in your utility bill.
  • The unit is releasing hot air.
  • Technical problem with the thermostat.

Replace or Repair: Which One is Suitable For You?

Naturally, you will be in a dilemma when given this option. Emery Air Conditioning explains the five things to keep in mind so that you can make the right decision.

Maturity of Your Unit

If your air conditioner’s maturity is less than three years, it is better to choose repair over replacement. You should replace your unit only when your unit’s maturity surpasses 10-15 years.

Repeated Breakdown

Repairing your unit might not be a good choice if you have observed frequent breakdowns over the past several years.

Costly Repair Charges

If the repair charges seem surprisingly expensive for a relatively new HVAC unit, it makes sense to financially invest in a new air conditioner.

Usage of R-22 Freon

Older models run on R-22 Freon refrigerants. The American Government has instructed not to install it on the device anymore. Thus, any technical issue will be costly. It is ideal to replace your air conditioner in such cases.

Sound and Vibrations

If your cooling system is a new product and if it produces excessive noise or gives a strong vibration, you should hire a mechanic for AC repair in Port Charlotte.

Advantages of Repair and Replacement Service

When it comes to repairing service, you will benefit:

  • For a new system, repair service will increase its efficiency.
  • Small components can be easily repaired and often come at a reasonable price.
  • While going for routine maintenance, an expert will make the necessary repairs.

Now, for replacement service:

  • You will have a warranty period.
  • Your unit will be an R-410 refrigerant model.
  • You will save on utility bills since it will consume less energy.

Cost of Each Service

Repairing small components in your unit can hardly cost you more than a few hundred dollars. However, if some major technical issue is detected, the cost of repair can vary from $400 to $1000, depending on how much damage it has incurred.

When it comes to replacement, the budget can be between $5000 and $10,000.

Do You Still Have Doubts?

It will be a wise decision to check with an HVAC professional for recommendations. Be it a repair or replacement service; our company delivers hassle-free service at a reasonable budget. Directly call us at (941)-639-773 or click here to visit the Emery Air Conditioning website!

We offer 24 months no interest financing.

Looking For Financing?

Think you can’t afford to replace your old unit? Of course you can.