Emery Air Condition Warranty FAQs

Emery Air Condition Warranty FAQs

  • If your AC system was registered at the time of installation, sometimes transferring unit warranties is doable after the sale of the home to the new owner.
    1. When a property changes hands, these warranties default to 5-year warranties
    2. Generally, units come with a 10-year warranty from the date of install if your installing AC company has registered it.
    3. Manufacturers may allow warranties to be transferred for a small processing fee: Contact Emery office staff to support you in finding out
    4. Warranties generally begin at the date of installation.
  • What does your coverage encompass?
  • Become familiar with your AC system warranty: Read it and keep it where you can access it in the future as needed
  • Most system warranties cover working parts, coils, and compressors.
  • If your AC unit was not registered at the time of install, the manufacturer generally honors the 5-year rule

For clarity in interpreting your unit’s warranty, call the office staff at Emery to support you in your warranty questions.

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