Does Spraying Down Your AC Unit With Water Help?

Homeowners have this misconception that spraying their ACs with water will lead to a short circuit. However, that is not what exactly happens. Spraying your AC unit with water can be beneficial and lead to better efficiency.

Several HVAC experts recommend spraying your unit down with a hose for cleaning it thoroughly. Moreover, spraying or ‘spritzing’ it down coupled with cleaning is a way of maintaining the unit itself. So, let go of the myth that you shouldn’t water down your unit! Look at this method from a new angle, and we, as HVAC experts, recommend it!

How Does Spraying Down Your AC Unit With Water Help?

Apart from cleaning the unit from top to bottom, spraying it with water has many other benefits. These range from increased efficiency to less risk of repairs. Here are the following benefits that you can avail yourself by spraying water on the AC Repair Port Charlotte.

Improves the lifespan: Since cleaning the unit keeps it in a better condition, it will be more efficient and effective. This, in turn, leads the unit to perform the task in a short period, and it will work less. The less the unit works, the better it functions. So, it extends the unit’s lifespan by a year or two.

Increases its efficiency: If your unit is cleaned and cooled down regularly, there is no doubt that its performance will be better. Since spritzing will cool it off, it will work without reaching its limit. So, spraying the unit with water increases the efficiency of the unit.

Keeps your AC unit clean: AC units, be it indoor or outdoor units, tend to build up dirt and dust. Spraying the unit with water cleans the dust and debris stuck inside the unit. Hence, you will breathe better quality air and be protected from respiratory diseases.

How to Keep Your Inside Unit Clean Along With the Outside?

Apart from just watering the unit down, there are several additional steps that you can undertake to clean it even thoroughly.

  • Clean the Air Filter: Cleaning your AC unit’s air filter is a necessary task. It affects the performance of your unit and cleans the air that passes through it. An air filter that is not paid attention to can hinder the path of air. Therefore, you should either clean it or get it replaced positively every 90 days.
  • Clean the Fins of the Unit: For cleaning your fins, you can brush them using a soft-bristled brush and then vacuum the dirt and dust off them. Do it with moderate pressure, as too much pressure can bend them. You can then water the fins down with moderate pressure.
  • Paying Attention to the Evaporator Coils: Evaporator coils are crucial for your unit, and cleaning them can work wonders. However, it would help if you did not try to do this yourself. For this, contact Port Charlotte air conditioning companies proficient in this.

Now that you know spraying your unit with water is safe, get to work immediately! Cleaning it can be better for your unit as well as you. For more details or consultation, reach out to Emery Air Conditioning, one of the best air conditioning repair Port Charlotte teams, via our website today!

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