Common Causes of Your AC Freezing Up

The bright, happy days of summer can instantly turn into a nightmare with a malfunctioning AC. It is outrageous when your AC blower is running yet the room is boiling with heat. The reason behind this issue is your AC coil freezing up which calls for a repair. Read on to know more about AC coil freeze-up and equip yourself with some tricks and tips to avoid it.

Causes of AC Coil freeze-up

  1. Dirty Filter
    The dust and dirt can block your AC filters causing AC coil freezing. This is why
    ac repair Port Charlotte comprises cleaning the AC filters.
    Solution: If you suspect these issues, turn the thermostat off, replace your filter, and switch to Fan mode. Alternatively, try cleaning them using a soft nylon brush.

  2. Blocked or Shut Vents
    The vents in your home come with a lever that you can open, shut, or partly shut for controlling the airflow. However, too many closed supply grates/return vents can reduce airflow causing Air coil freezing.
    Solution: Open all the air grates and ensure that the return grates are unblocked.

  3. Low Thermostat
    Turning down the thermostat to get rid of the heat after a certain limit has consequences. It can cause the condensing moisture to freeze up the AC coil.
    Solution: Turn off the AC and set the thermostat to Fan. If the issue persists, your AC has dirty coils or it is time for ac repair Port Charlotte.

  4. Cool temperature outside
    Days with a combination of humidity and cool temperature cause a lack of warm air in the AC unit to keep it from freezing.
    Solution: Get a dehumidifier to drain away from the moisture on humid days. It can make your home less clammy without cooling your room or straining the AC coil.

  5. Dirty Evaporator Coil
    The Evaporator coil or the indoor coil of your AC has the job of evaporating the refrigerant. But, the dirt and dust can hamper the transfer of heat through the fins.
    Solution: Clean the evaporator coil, followed by thawing the AC unit.

  6. Low Refrigerant
    If your AC is low on refrigerant, there are chances of Ac freeze up. Low refrigerant creates less pressure and thus lowers the temperature.
    Solution: It is a sign of a leak in the system. An AC technician can check for leaks and do the needful.

  7. Faulty Blower Fan
    A damaged or burned-out Blower Fan can also cause improper airflow in AC. It can be detected by a burning smell, clunking noises from the blower, or it not turning at all.
    Solution: Get it repaired or replaced by a technician.

  8. Bad Ductwork
    If you have installed a new HVAC system or made a replacement of a different size than before, chances are your ductwork is improperly sized to work properly. Also, blocked ductwork of the right size can cause the same issue.
    Solution: Get a fresh ductwork/right size of HVAC unit or repair it.

These were the common issues and solutions for your AC freezing up. If you wish to seek professional help, get it from the best air conditioning companies in port charlotte Florida, one of which you can contact on (941) 629-7733 and avail quality expert help.

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