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Commercial Ventilation/Ductwork

Your HVAC circulates the entire air in your home at least five to seven times every day. Along with the air, debris and dust is also carried along with it. While most get trapped in your appliance filters, some get through and buildup in the vents in your house. At times, due to improper installation of the duct work or not changing the filters, there can be a buildup of dust in the ductwork. This can affect the functioning of the HVAC.

It is best to hire professional ductwork cleaners to clean your ductwork at regular intervals. If you are looking for commercial ventilation/ductwork there are several quality companies that you can hire.

Your technician will use one of the following methods to do the job.

Hand-held vacuum – In this method, a large portable vacuum with a High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter is moved manually inside the ductwork. This method is however not totally reliable and can leave pockets of dust behind.

Mechanical rotating brush – In this system, the brush and the hose are attached to a truck-mounted vacuum to clean the ductwork. This method is however not suitable for use in older homes as it can damage the ductwork.

Air sweep – This method is when compressed air is fed into the ducts and hose. A truck-mounted vacuum eliminates the debris and dust.

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