Commercial Rooftop Units In Port Charlotte, FL

Commercial Rooftop Units In Port Charlotte, Sarasota, Desoto, FL, and Surrounding Areas

Nowadays, most office complexes and warehouses have commercial rooftop units. As the name suggests, these air conditioning units are mounted on rooftops, providing clean and fresh air to the buildings by ensuring proper circulation. Rooftop units have several features that make them ideal for use in commercial buildings. Understanding those features will allow one to make an informed choice when selecting a unit for his or her office block.

Benefits of Rooftop Units

Commercial rooftop units are easy to install. They are a single packaged unit that can be mounted at ground level next to the building or on the rooftop. The outdoor and the indoor parts of the unit come connected, eliminating the need for additional pipework.

Increase Energy Savings

The free cooling option is available with this kind of air conditioning unit. What this means is that rooftop units can use outdoor air for cooling in cases where the temperature inside the building is higher than the temperature outside. This feature increases energy savings.

Carbon Dioxide Levels

Rooftop air conditioning units provide ventilation for fresh air. The units monitor carbon dioxide levels in the building, through sensors and control the amount of air that gets in through the vents. This ensures that the air quality in the building remains high all the time.

Acquiring and Installing Rooftop Units

Roof-mount air conditioners are mostly used in commercial buildings. This is because they efficiently cool large places and require very few modifications to work with the existing air conditioning. For efficient and cost-effective performance, the unit’s air volumes should be customized to match the building’s exact demands. We are professional air conditioning installers who do expert evaluations of a building’s air conditioning requirements. This ensures the installation of cost-effective units.

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