AC Installation in Port Charlotte

Running an AC can reduce the humidity in your home and also lower the amount of pollen, mold and other airborne outdoor allergens that disrupt health, including asthma symptoms. Air conditioners can also lower your exposure to indoor allergens as well. Living without an AC system, especially during summer can prove difficult. If you happen to live in Port Charlotte, and require AC installation in Port Charlotte contact Emery Air Conditioning for quality services.

Identify These Top Signs to Opt for a New AC

  • Your System Requires Frequent Repair

You will require frequent repair services when you have an old AC system. It happens because the system’s parts lose efficiency after a certain period. The more you repair your air conditioner, the more expenses will increase, and the system capacity will decrease.

  • Your House is no Longer Cool

The main motive for installing an air conditioner is to stay cool during summer. If you no longer feel comfortable, your AC might be at fault here. Your house will be humid and also start gathering dust frequently.

Such conditions indicate that your AC system has lost its efficiency. At this point, you do not want to be stuck with this air conditioning system anymore.

  • Your System Lacks a SEER Rating

SEER rating indicates Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and every AC system comes with this rating. It can vary from region to region. However, the most basic rating for an AC is between 14 and 15.

But modern technology has increased this SEER rating to 25, which denotes better energy efficiency for your AC. And at the same time, you will save a lot on your energy bill. If your system is old, you will miss out on these benefits.

  • Your System Uses the Old R22 Freon

Every air conditioning system requires refrigerant, and R22 Freon is one such refrigerant. But this refrigerant has been phased out by the US government due to environmental issues.

Older AC systems still use this refrigerant. But the problem arises when you have to refill the refrigerant. Since it is hardly available today, you will have significant trouble keeping your system going.

In place of this refrigerant, the government has introduced a new coolant – R410A that is environmentally friendly and readily available in the market. Almost every modern HVAC system uses this refrigerant. That is why you will not have to face any difficulty with the refrigerant when you install a new system.

  • Your System is Already 15 years Old

An air conditioner runs for up to 20 years with adequate maintenance service. When your system crosses at least 15 years, you will notice several problems sprouting up now and then. It is better to start preparing your AC for a replacement when it happens.

Bottom Line

Whether you need a replacement or an AC installation in Port Charlotte, you should rely on a professional service provider. Only an expert AC technician will help you select the perfect AC system for your home.

Emery Air Conditioning can help. We are a professional AC service provider with an exceptional track record. Our state-of-the-art HVAC technology enables our technicians to address any need with ease. Call us at 941-629-7733 to learn more. 

An air conditioner comprises various devices and components that are specifically designed to regulate the temperature, humidity, and air quality of indoor spaces. The system typically includes an outdoor and an indoor unit that works together to circulate cool air throughout your home. Additionally, ductwork, thermostats, and air filters may also be included in the AC installation to enhance its functionality.

The lifespan of an air conditioner can vary depending on factors such as the quality of the system, how well it's maintained, and how often it's used. Generally, a well-maintained air conditioner can last 10-15 years. Regular maintenance, such as changing air filters, cleaning the coils, and ensuring proper airflow, can help prolong the life of your system.

An AC installation in Port Charlotte is one of the best investments you can make for your home. Not only does it provide a cool and comfortable atmosphere during the hottest months of the year, but it also helps reduce your energy bills and improves indoor air quality. When you choose to install an air conditioning system in Port Charlotte, the team at Emery Air Conditioning will provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate that includes the cost of installation and any other services you may need. We also offer special financing options to make your AC installation as affordable as possible.

The time it takes to install an AC unit can vary depending on the type of system you choose, the size of your home, and the complexity of the installation. However, most installations can be completed within one to two days.
The best time for an air conditioner installation is typically in the spring or fall when the weather is mild, and HVAC contractors are less busy. This can help ensure that you have a reliable system in place before the heat of summer arrives. However, if you need an emergency installation, we offer professional services to meet your needs.

We offer 24 months no interest financing.

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